Terms & Conditions

1. NEW CUSTOMERS                      

                *  All new customers must complete a New Customer form, sign the terms and conditions, give proof of Identity
                  (green ID book), and proof of address (Electrisity bill not older than 3 months).           

2. ORDERS                          

                *  Quotation valid for 7 days from date of issue.

                *  Orders must be finalized 7 days before collection/delivery.    

3. HIRE FEES                       

                * The Lessee shall pay ACH hire fees in accordance with the tariff as stipulated at the time of rental.  Hire fees are
                  payable in advance.     


                *  Prices are subject to change without notice.  

                *  We are not VAT registered    

                *  The full outstanding balance must be paid on or before date of collection in cash, EFT or Direct  deposit.               

                *  Goods shall only be released once EFT or Direct deposit payments are made, is visible and "available" in ACH

                *  Prices does not include delivery.         

                *  For goods being delivered by ACH a full payment (including delivery fees) is required 48 hours before delivery date.   

4. AGREEMENT                

                *  All goods hired, except linen, must be returned clean, otherwise it will be subject to cleaning fees.  Cleaning fees will
                  be charged at 50c per item for crockery, cutlery, glasses etc. and R2 per item for Stainless steel items. 
                  Do NOT wash any linen!              

                *  The Lessee acknowledges that it is aware of the purpose of which the equipment is intended and shall only use the
                  equipment for such purpose.          

                *   ACH in its sole discretion is entitled to terminate this agreement and refund any payments made.     

                *  You will be required to check all goods.  If you do not receive the goods yourself, you must please second a
                   responsible person to fullfill the duty who will check and sign for correctness of rented goods.  If you notice that
                  something is incorrect quantity, broken or damaged, you must immediately inform us,
 otherwise you will be
                 responsible for the full replacement value.        

                *  ACH has the right to replace any booked item with a similar item if the booked item is not received back in time or 
                  returns damaged from previous bookings.         

                *  No refunds will be payable for goods not used.            

                *  All boxes, crates & packing-material belongs to ACH and must be kept in good condition and must be returned.  If
                  damaged  it will be charged at full replacement value.     

                *  All goods are marked.  No similar replacements will be accepted.        

5. RISK                 

                * The articles hired shall be at the sole risk of the Lessee irrespective the duration of hire. The Lessee shall Provide
                 safe, dry and  covered storage until such time as the goods are returned to ACH. The Lessee shall make good, to
                ACH any loss or damage whatsoever occurring during the period of hire.               

6. CANCELLATION FEES                 

                *  If the order is cancelled, the total booking deposit as paid by the Lessee will be forfeited.       

                *  Rental payments made prior to the event will be subjected to the following cancellation fees:              

                    -  If cancelled 7 days prior to the event 75% of rental amount paid, 14 days 50% and 30 days 25%.         

7. BOOKING DEPOSIT                    

                *  A Booking deposit of 30% of rental amount with a minimum amount of R200 is payable when booking is made.  
                  This deposit is deductable from rental amount.   

8. BREAKAGE DEPOSIT                  

                * All orders are subject to a Refundable Breakage Deposit of 30% with a minimum amount of R200 payable on day of
                 collection/delivery in cash.     

                * On return of the hired articles in good, complete, clean and undamaged condition and after compliance with all
                   obligations here with the Lessee shall be entitled to a refund of the breakage deposit paid.  In non-compliance ACH
                   shall be entitled to recover costs from  the set-off against the amount of the deposit,
 any damages suffered by
                   reasons of loss, breaking, breach of contract, shortage or damage.  Should the total of  such items  exceed the
                  deposit, it shall be
 the responsibility of the Lessee to settle the difference.            

9. SOLE CONTRACT                         

                * This is an agreement of lease and the Lessee or any person representing the hire will not at any time during the
                 period of lease or thereafter accuire ownership of the goods nor after the termination of the contract have any right of
                possession or use of goods. 

10. FINE                               

                *  Goods returned late will be subject to additional hiring fees calculated at daily rates as set out in the pricelist.
                   Please note the "Return date".             

                *  An amount of R5 per item will be deducted from deposit for wax stains or very dirty linen. Do NOT remove wax,
                   removing wax from organza will damage the grain of the material. Wax cannot be removed from delicate materials. If
                    ruined replacement cost will be charged.             

                * Administration fees, equal to Telkom rates payable per phone call, shall be charged for every phone call if all hired                       goods are not returned in time.              

11. ACCEPTABLE METHODS OF PAYMENT                             

                * Cash, Direct deposit, debit/credit card facilities or EFT. We regret no cheques.               

                *  Send proof of payments to Fax no. 086 527 3724 or e-mail to info@ach.co.za 

12.  BUSINESS HOURS                   

                *  Monday to Friday: 8h00 to 4h30; Saturday: By appointment only; Sunday & Public holidays: Closed